Supporting Australian industry to realise the opportunities of a decarbonised global economy

Australian industry is coming together to accelerate action towards achieving net zero emissions in supply chains by mid century across critical sectors of the Australian economy.

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The Australian Industry Energy Transition Initiative supports Australian industry to develop pathways and take action towards net zero emissions across critical supply chains of the Australian economy.

Supply chains:

  • – Steel
  • – Aluminium
  • – Liquified natural gas
  • – Selected metals
  • (such as copper, nickel, lithium)
  • – Chemicals
  • (especially fertilisers & explosives)


These ‘hard-to-abate’ sectors form part of a broader energy system that must be rapidly transformed if planetary warming is to remain below 1.5°C or even 2°C in line with the Paris Agreement. 


As momentum builds to decarbonise global energy systems, there are emerging opportunities for Australian industry that will be explored through the initiative. In addition to considering opportunities across the Australian economy, the initiative will have a regional orientation to Western Australia.



The Australian Industry ETI is focused on creating a platform for industry learning and experimentation in pursuit of net zero emissions in these hard-to-abate sectors and the supply chains linking them to the global economy. 

Independent, not-for-profit bodies ClimateWorks Australia and Climate-KIC Australia are conveners of the Australian Industry ETI, working in collaboration with the Energy Transitions Commission. The initiative’s chair is Simon McKeon AO Chancellor of Monash University, former CSIRO Chairman and public company director. This Project received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program.


Together, we are developing pathways and taking action towards achieving net zero emissions supply chains by mid century, in Australia’s emissions-intensive industries.

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